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BNE Homepage ScreenshotNever one to stand still, Giant Peach New Media is introducing another brand new addition to its portfolio of communications media, this time targeted at exhibition and events organisers and their myriad of customers, that currently sell and buy stand space and utilise the events to spread their messages amongst visitors and attendees. The new addition is also relevant to companies wanting to video their CPD presentations for sharing on digital platforms.

This new offering will allow these customers to spread their messages far wider, to individuals and businesses that have not attended the shows or events themselves but who are keen to find out more about what was on offer – and perhaps what they missed by not being a part of the event. It’s a service that event managers will warm to as a value added service, offering exhibitors who want to take advantage of the resident film crew at an exhibition or event the chance to video their stand and key messages to pump out across the digital networks to ensure the highest possible coverage for their investment at the show through every possible media.

It’s an extension of the recently launched podcast option that has seen companies providing information to Giant Peach to translate into podcast broadcasts, utilising the words and images that customers can provide to be seen through the BusinessNet Explorer portal or through the BNE YouTube channel. This exciting new offer involves Giant Peach providing a live recording of the company’s offering at an exhibition or at an event or CPD presentation with the benefits of seeing and meeting that company’s senior people with a relevant platform in the form of the exhibition stand or backdrop and even possibly the opportunity to see the products or services being made available, there in front of the camera – and even seen operating or in action if that is feasible. Giant Peach offers the full package including a high quality video team to record the message and provide post-production services to enhance the quality of the delivery of the message, to maximise its impact. In the case of a CPD presentation, the opportunity exists to stay on afterwards and record an interview with a senior member of a company’s team to give them a second bite at the cherry for added value digital activity.

One of the first users of the recently launched podcast service said that in five minutes of audio visual, he could get across messages that would take several well-crafted media releases, read multiple times, over a number of hours to understand: “You only need to show someone an idea once on camera whereas you may need to explain it over the phone or in writing several times before the target audience gets to grips with the message you’re trying to share,” he said. The same sentiments are relevant for the new service on offer from Giant Peach.

Giant Peach CEO Mick de Leiburne says: “People are always looking for new ways to share news and messages with their target audiences and this new offer is a logical and natural progression of what we have been offering for years using the BNE portal and more recently extending that to a podcasted format.

“This is a value added service offering marketing communications collaborative opportunities. In this case, each podcast will have its own URL making it linkable and shareable through a customer’s own social media and email updates – expanding the scope of the message sharing exponentially. It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive way of increasing exposure for news stories and product information through the modern use of audio visual activity, shared through the digital networks that exist. It’s a simple but effective way of sharing key messages with your prime audiences.”

Giant Peach New Media offers the whole package from planning the shoot to providing the film crew at the event and producing the finished item to share on You Tube and through the many additional media available in this day and age.

“For brand and event managers looking for exciting new content opportunities and with the increasing importance of video in web sites and in social media, it’s a natural progression for companies looking to widen their sphere of influence,” says Mick de Leiburne. “Not only is it an effective new medium – properly planned, it’s an enjoyable one to be a part of and a very personal one that allows you to be right there, in the offices and workplaces of your target audience and as they travel around during their working day, right across the UK and further afield, simply by making a few clicks on their laptop or mobile devices. It’s a simple concept that enables a complex communications opportunity to come to life quickly and effectively. If you’re ready to embrace the new communication opportunities that the new digital technologies allow, Giant Peach can help you join the podcast revolution!”

For more information on how you can spread the word through this exciting new medium, contact Mick de Leiburne via newmedia@BusinessNetExplorer.com or mobile 07971 081 620. Or you can head for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-LLRE7HG_U to hear from Mick direct.

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