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New weatherproof waterbar addresses key challenge for ICF installers


Triton has introduced Cemflex VB Steel Waterbar, a fully weatherproof BBA certified waterbar that doesn’t need to be protected from rain prior to the concrete pour. It addresses a key challenge in below ground basement construction for installers of quality ICF systems and pre-cast concrete twin wall systems, who need to form a good watertight seal between the ICF blocks or the twin wall panels and the basement slab.

Traditional hydrophilic waterstops have been around for many years and can be used successfully in most applications. However when the blocks forming the structure are not in-filled with concrete for some time, and the waterstop is exposed to rain within the open blocks, this will cause it to start swelling prematurely and result in subsequent underperformance in a very critical location. Attempting to remedy this by the removal of the waterstop is usually impossible due to its location inside the ICF blocks or twin wall panels.

BBA certified Cemflex VB Steel Waterbar is a galvanised steel plate encapsulated in a special patented coating that reacts only with the water within the concrete to provide a watertight joint. It’s designed for use in all non-movement construction joints in reinforced concrete – and is especially suited to ICF or twin wall installations.

Quick and easy to install with no sticky tape to remove prior to use, it can be installed before the concrete is poured by positioning to steelwork, or directly into the fresh concrete after pouring. Cemflex VB Steel Waterbar is 1.25mm thick and supplied in two metre lengths in a choice of 100mm or 150mm widths. Find out more at tritonsystems.co.uk or speak to your local Triton technical manager.

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