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New ‘Whole House' Water Filter Launched by Tapworks


Tapworks, the leading manufacturer and supplier of water softeners in the UK has launched a new ‘whole house’ water filter to filter mains water throughout the house. Water filters of different kinds are common in the UK, but most only affect one separate drinking water tap, installed in a kitchen attached to a small filter system that requires regular three to six monthly filter changes, or are small jug filters, which again require regular filter changes.

Whilst mains water in the UK is of excellent quality from a safety and ‘drinkability’ point of view, many people have issues with the treatment the water has had between the water supplier and home. In particular they tend to prefer water with no taste, or odour – with added chlorine the major problem perceived by many. In addition, people prefer any sediment that makes its way down the supply pipes to be completely removed as well before it makes its way into their home.

The new unit – which is the same size as Tapwork’s smallest ‘under drawer height’ softener – the Ultra 9 – is simple to install and even easier to maintain as it comes with a self cleaning filter that will last between five and eight years in a standard three or four bedroom home.

The new whole house water filter is relevant to homes across the UK as it’s not a water softener and is equally relevant to homes with both hard water and naturally soft water. Mains water – wherever it comes from – has additives and individual characteristics that some people find unpleasant and would prefer to ‘opt out of’ in their homes. This new product allows you to do this if you wish and because the filter life is as long as eight years, it’s effectively a ‘fit and forget’ appliance. Clearly it can be run in conjunction with a water softener in hard water areas, with the water entering the premises from the main, running through the softener and then the filter before making its way to the taps around the home.

As well as great tasting water from the tap, there are significant other lifestyle benefits to be enjoyed by having a whole house filter installed. Apart from stopping the need to ‘hump home’ huge bottles of bottled water – and the savings that will provide on the grocery bills – tea and coffee and other drinks will taste better, fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice and other foods cooked in water will taste far better, laundry will feel softer and fresher and bath times, cleaning teeth and washing hair will be more pleasurable as well.

Tapworks MD Mike Pickavance says the new central filter is a response to a market for a whole house filter that will take chlorine and other additives out of the mains water: “Much of the mains water delivered in the UK is hard water and our range of water softeners can effectively address this problem, as well as offering water saving and energy saving benefits as well. This new central water filter will remove many of the things that increasing numbers of households object to in their water supply ensuring that they get good quality water, but water that is delivered as they want it to be, right across the home. If you like, this unit will ‘polish’ their water supply making it even more pleasant to drink and use in the home.

“With a self cleaning carbon filter, it really is a ‘fit and forget’ appliance that will only need attention every five or six years – possibly longer for smaller homes using lower volumes of mains water. And at around £400, for the benefits it offers, it’s very affordable,” he says.

The new Tapworks ‘Whole House’ filter is available through builders and plumbers merchants now.

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