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Newtons New Product Range


After two years of extensive product development and testing, John Newton & Company are proud to launch their new range of structural waterproofing products. Having historically focused on cavity drain waterproofing, Newtons can now supply a full range of additional products to complement the range.

A summary of the new product range is as follows:

Newton System 100 – Cementitious Products
A portfolio of cementitious products to complement Newton System 500, including a high quality flexible waterproofing membrane, an SBR additive, a rapid setting waterstop and fast setting mortar for creating angle fillets. These products enable the specifier to use Newton products for other areas of the overall inclusive waterproofing scheme such as lift shafts, flat soffits and externally to difficult details such as retained slabs and ring-beams.

Newton System 200 – Deck and Roofing
A complete range of externally applied elastomeric polyurethane membranes for balconies, terraces, flat and inverted roofs, podium decks, swimming pools etc. The range allows for specifiers to use Newton products for the flat surfaces above the basement as well as the waterproofing below.

Newton System 300 – Horizontal Drainage
The System 300 is a range of dimpled drainage membranes used as a protection and drainage layer above the new System 200 waterproofing membranes. Also included in this range are products and specifications for complete Green Roof specifications.

Newton System 400 – Vertical Drainage
The 400 System is a range of composite geodrain membranes and associated products used for the vertical drainage retaining walls to the soil side.

Newton System 500 – Cavity Drain Waterproofing
Newton System 500 is an internally applied waterproofing system based upon Newton's range of cavity drain membranes, drainage systems and pumping systems. Unlike conventional 'tanking;, Newton System 500 is not attempting the almost impossible and trying to hold water back, but places designed maintainable depressurisation voids at known weaknesses in the structure so that ingressing water is simply captured and diverted out of the property.

Newton System 600 – Flooring Membranes
Newton System 600 is a range of flooring membranes suitable for a large variety of applications. As well as providing protection from dampness within the floor, these membranes 'de-couple' the floor finish from the substrate preventing damage due to substrate movement and cracking.

Newton System 700 – Liquid Applied Floor Coatings
Newtons range of liquid applied protective and decorative flooring products. These products are fast curing and available in a variety of colours. Typically used for internal floors such as retail space, depots and warehouses.

Newton System 800 – Damp Proofing
Newtons damp-proofing membranes ensure that internal wall finishes are protected form dampness within the walls of the structure. The meshed membranes provide a firm key and impermeable barrier on any damp or deteriorating surface ready for plaster, render or dot &a,p; dab plasterboard. The unmeshed Newton 803 membrane is used where insulation requirements dictate the use of a timber or steel frame ready for plasterboard. Quick, clean and proven to work, Newton damp proof membranes truly are the modern, cost effective, damp-proofing solution.

Newton System 900 – Liquid Primers & Sealers
This range of products are predominately for use in conjunction with System 200 and System 700 liquid membranes as priming agents for a variety of substrates prior to the application of the specialist waterproofing and flooring membranes.

Newton Pumps
John Newton's pumping range has been developed to provide a broad range of pumping solutions which together with our extensive list of ancillary products ensure that the Newton waterproofing system sets new standards of performance and reliability.

Our sump and pump combinations for basement waterproofing offer the specifier and end client a full range of pumping products. Whether you need to control clear ground water, grey water, effluent or sewerage, John Newton supply a complete range of the highest specification pumps available for all of your pumping requirements.

“Our new product range is the culmination of two years of testing, development and research to find the best waterproofing products available” – Warren Muschialli, Managing Director

How We Can Help

John Newton & Company's team of waterproofing and damp proofing experts offer unrivalled technical support and would be delighted to help you with any waterproofing enquiries. Our nationwide network of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors are trained and monitor to install Newton waterproofing systems to the highest standards and can offer insured guarantees.

For further information or advice about any of John Newton & Company's products, please visit http://www.newton-membranes.co.uk, 020 7237 1217 or e-mail info@newton-membranes.co.uk.

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