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Next generation of Hep


The next generation of Hep2O is about to hit the market – providing professional installers with a technologically advanced range of white push-fit fittings which give unparalleled security for any plumbing job.

Following several years of research with professional plumbers which highlighted the key issues they face, the revolutionary new range features a hidden advantage – a unique and patented system called In4Sure™ joint recognition technology. This means the installer now knows for certain when the pipe is fully inserted. The profiled end of the re-designed SmartSleeve™ interacts with the castellations inside the Hep2O fitting – enabling the user to simply push the pipe in, twist and feel the ‘rumble’ to make a fully secure connection.

Another design feature of the next generation Hep2O range is the ease with which pipes can be released. The new demounting system uses a HepKey™ to make releasing quicker and easier. There are two types of HepKey™ available – the HepKey Plus™ clips onto the fitting, depresses the inner sleeve and holds the grab ring open while the smaller pocket size HepKey™ clips around the pipe to release the system with minimum effort. HeyKeys™ will be included in all pipe coils and packs of popular fittings to ensure the installer always has one to hand.

“Next generation Hep2O meets the criteria set out by installers during our research and development phase,” explains Gareth Samuel, Product Manager. “During our research, installers told us that if there was a way they could easily tell that a secure joint has been made, it would be a real benefit. We wanted to develop a system that would give installers total confidence, and we believe next generation Hep2O offers this and much more.

“In4Sure™ is the hidden advantage. It’s been designed so installers have no doubt when the pipe has been inserted correctly. The system allows installers to actually feel when the joint has been made so that on busy and often noisy sites, fitting the product is intuitive. It’s very simple to use but ingenious at the same time. The clever HepKey™ demounting system helps to prevent any accidental release or tampering with the system, giving further peace of mind.

“We also received feedback from plumbers that a slimmer, white range would be more attractive in areas that are highly visible. By listening to what they wanted and providing solutions to their common problems, we feel confident installers will see next generation Hep2O as a major step forward in plumbing. Our confidence in the product is further illustrated by our industry leading 50-year guarantee.”

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