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Nothing more than Fresh Air! Polypipe Ventilation launch Domus Fresh Air Supply Set


Polypipe Ventilation is pleased to announce the launch of a new Domus Fresh Air Supply Set. It has been designed specifically to meet the growing need for the effective provision of replacement air to ensure that comfortable indoor air quality is maintained in properties when exhaust air heat pumps are installed.

The new set is also ideal for use with extractor fans and cooker hoods’. In addition it can be used as a replacement air supply for MEV systems or as an alternative to conventional airbricks for fossil fuel burning appliances.

The design of the Domus Fresh Air Supply Set promotes draught-free fresh air back into the property through an unobtrusive multi-directional inlet grille that includes a washable environment filter which cleanses the incoming air. Externally, there is a choice of four outlet colours to match the outside brickwork which ensures that the installation is as discreet as possible. It can be used in walls up to 450mm thick and is easy and quick to install.

The air flow characteristics of the kit have been verified by the University of Cambridge following a rigorous test program. This ensures guaranteed end-to-end system performance and appliance compatibility.

To assist with building pressure tests as required by Approved Document L, a bespoke blanking commissioning plug has been included for the installer’s convenience. This is a necessity when using energy efficient exhaust air heat pumps.

The Domus Fresh Air Supply Set is the latest addition to the Polypipe Ventilation range of high quality domestic and light commercial ventilation products that provides a single source of supply to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.

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