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Now there's even more to Memshield 3!


Eaton’s Electrical Sector has extended its popular range of Memshield 3 final distribution products to include type A and type B pan assemblies that are available separately for users to incorporate into their own distribution panels. Also added to the range are space-saving 12-way double-pole boards for SPSN installations and triple-way meter packs that allow comprehensive sub-metering for two triple-pole boards and one single-pole board to be provided with just one meter pack.

Other enhancements to the range include the addition of 16-way 125 A and 12-way 250 A type B boards and an increase in the ingress protection rating of all type B boards to IP4X. In addition, a new IP42 gland plate accessory is being offered for type B boards, which complements the existing versatile and convenient cable trunking interface kits.

The new pan assemblies in the Memshield 3 range are designed for inclusion within other assemblies and make possible a high degree of customisation. The type A versions are rated at 125 A, and are available with 4, 7, 10, 13 or 16 outgoing ways. The type B versions are available with a 125 A rating and 4, 6, 8 or 12 outgoing ways, or with a 250 A rating and 12, 18 or 24 outgoing ways.

For single-pole switched neutral applications, the new 12-way double-pole board is an ideal solution as it eliminates the need to use three-phase boards with blanking plates fitted to cover the unused poles. As well as saving space, the new board eliminates the cost of the blanking plates and provides valuable time savings during installation.

The new triple-way meter pack, which is available in Modbus and pulse-output versions, complements the existing meter packs in the Memshield range. Like them, it is designed to provide an easy and cost-effective way of meeting the growing demand for sub-metering, which is driven in part by the requirements of Part L2 of the Building Regulations.

The new meter pack is ideal for use in the many commercial installations that have two three-phase final distribution systems – typically one for heating and one for other loads – plus a single-phase distribution system for lighting. All three of these systems can now be metered with a single meter pack.

Full details of all of the extensions to the Memshield 3 final distribution range can be found in the new “Sub-Distribution Solutions – MEM Series” catalogue which is available from Eaton’s Electrical Sector. This catalogue can be viewed on the company’s website

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