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Olympic Performances from Mapei


The Aquatic Centre in Atlanta; the Athletes’ Village in Sydney; the Velodrome in Athens; just a few of the many Olympic facilities and structures where, since the 1950s, Mapei’s products have been used. And this year is no exception; once again their high quality, top performance ranges have been chosen for the Beijing Olympics 2008.

Mapei’s flexible and durable adhesive, Adesilex G19, has been used to install the athletic track in the ‘Bird’s Nest’, Beijing’s National Stadium, as well as for the Indoor Stadium track. Developed specifically for the installation of floor coverings subject to heavy and intense traffic, the two-component polyurethane adhesive perfectly adheres to both the underlying substrate and to the synthetic rubber covering and can resist tangential stress when the tracks are in use. It is also resistant to humidity, heat and atmospheric aggression, vital attributes for the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Whether it be ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles, for covering floors or walls of hotels, stadia, airports or swimming pools, Mapei’s fixing and grouting products have also long been used; the Media Village in Athens and the Olympic Village in Turin are just some examples. This year, porcelain tiles in an indoor swimming pool have been fixed using Granirapid, an adhesive with extraordinary bonding and fast setting properties. The tile joints have been grouted with Keracolor GG in White, mixed with the liquid polymeric additive, Fugolastic, to improve flexibility and reduce porosity and water absorption and achieve the right resistance even under severe conditions of use.

The swimming pool, which has been built as a leisure facility for competitors, is part of Beijing’s ‘Shooting Range’ venue and it is here where 1,400 m2 of indoor tennis courts can also be found. Mapei Ultraplan an ultra-fast hardening self-levelling compound for 1-10 mm has been used to obtain a perfectly flat substrate, able to receive four coats of Deco Turf flooring.

With its comprehensive range of products, its technical assistance and commitment to research and development, it is no wonder that Mapei continues to give winning performances at the Olympic Games.

The new Mapei brochure ‘Mapei and Sports Facilities around the World’ is now available on request.

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