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Consort has upgraded their successful 1.5kW waterproof heater with the all new QZWP15N. The brand new heater has the added benefits of a replaceable lamp and a more robust construction. This heater is IPX5 rated making to totally weatherproof.

It utilises the high energy, shortwave output of quartz halogen lamps. Short wave high intensity radiant heat, like sunlight, provides warmth that can be felt the moment the heater is switched on. The polished aluminium reflector ensures the heat is directed to a specific area and the glass-free front ensures maximum thermal efficiency and a lamp life of 5,000 hours. It only warms the surfaces that it meets so there is no wasteful heating of air, and the heat is not affected by draughts.

These features make the QZWP15N significantly more environmentally friendly for heating outdoor areas compared to gas heaters, which are far less efficient as much of the heat goes straight up into the atmosphere.

The QZWP15N is clean, silent, and odourless, has very low glare, and is virtually maintenance free. The running costs are very low, working out approximately 1/3rd of the total running costs of gas systems.

The QZWP15N measures 480 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm, weighs 1.7 kg and heats an area of around 9 square metres. The heater is finished in black and fitted with a metal guard and the special bracket supplied can be wall or overhead mounted and adjusted to ensure an ideal installation.

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