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Permo underlay proven for metal finishes


Platon DE25 drainage and storage membrane has been specified as part of the green roof construction at the new Universal Studios theme park in Singapore!

Occupying about 35,000 m2, the green roof is one of Asia’s largest. Platon DE 25 was chosen as the drainage/water retention layer because the wide structural spans of the immense roof and the fast track construction of the park demanded that the chosen system was light and easy to install. The other components of the green roof build up included a fully adhered layer of Evalon PVC-EVA terpolymer waterproofing membrane, and a non-woven filter fabric which was laid over the DE 25, followed by a primarily inorganic substrate and selected drought tolerant plant species which require little or no maintenance.

The excellent insulation properties of green roofs mean they act as heat and sound shields, protecting building interiors from the tropical heat and reducing sound transmission. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also extends the lifespan of the waterproofing on the roofs.

Platon DE 25 is available in the UK and Ireland from Triton. Depending upon general climatic conditions and the plants used, Triton can now also offer Platon DE 40/500 for projects where a higher water storage capacity is required. Contact Triton via www.triton-chemcials.com

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