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Platon sealed system supplied for iconic fire brigade building conversion


Lancaster Circus_Triton_PRTriton has supplied 3,000 m2 of BBA certified Platon P8 cavity drain membrane to waterproof several basements at the iconic West Midlands Fire Brigade building at Lancaster Circus in Birmingham.  The membrane forms part of a Type C drained waterproofing system (as defined in BS 8102 2009) to the area, which is being converted to residential accommodation for 463 students from Aston University.

The system is being installed by Triton approved contractors, Protectahome, working for Watkin Jones Construction.  Cavity drain membranes work by allowing any water ingress to continue to enter the building through the walls, but then controlling it and diverting it down the wall to a perimeter drainage conduit. In this project, the conduit diverts the water to one of 10 sumps, each housing a Triton Aqua Pump Pro Plus kit (each comprising mains powered and battery back up pumps).

Moisture had been penetrating into parts of the basement for several years through the wall/floor joint and various cracks in the original floor slab.  The Platon membrane on the floor will be screeded_Triton_Lancaster Circus PRAlthough large floor areas have been excavated to allow for greater head height and replaced with new floor slabs, many of the original floors have been left in situ. As the Platon system allows moisture to enter the structure there is no hydrostatic pressure on existing floor slabs and no need to replace them.

Triton’s technical team has worked closely with the architect, main contractor and specialist basement contractor from design inception through to overseeing installation and testing of the system.

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