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Plug in to MK Electric for safe medical equipment


The MEIGaN (Medical Electrical Installation Guidance Notes) document gives healthcare establishments strict and clear guidance regarding electrical wiring and installation; and MK Electric – as part of its expanding collection of devices dedicated to healthcare – now offers Isolated Power Supply (IPS) sockets that meet its requirements.

The MK MEIGaN IPS sockets fulfill a key recommendation that IPS outlets are double pole or un-switched; are ‘Clean Earth’ and are colour-coded blue with engraved white lettering stating ‘Medical Equipment Only’. Where white outlets are preferred; they should be mounted on a blue background, approximately 2cm larger than the socket; with the socket engraved ‘Medical Equipment Only’ in blue lettering.

An IPS is required by MEIGaN in order to increase the supply resilience by reducing the impact of first fault conditions downstream of the IPS. The IPS is usually combined with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) that prevents disruption of the supply owing to problems upstream of the UPS.

The use of these socket outlets to connect equipment not complying with IEC 60601-1 (BS EN 60601-1) in the patient environment is also to be avoided; as non-compliant equipment can possess high earth leakage currents resulting in higher risk to patients.

It should be noted that domestic extension mains leads are not permitted and sufficient sockets should be provided for operation of all equipment to eliminate the need for extensions.

The MEIGaN document is produced by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA); and is intended to be used by healthcare organisations and medical device suppliers responsible for permanent electrical installation of medical devices and associated equipment in diagnostic imaging (including dental X-ray units) and radiotherapy suites. Its requirements are intended for application by staff with electrical knowledge.

This guidance is for new buildings, refurbished rooms and transportable diagnostic or treatment rooms and is not retrospective. The document is due for review in 2010.

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