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Presence Detection Carbon Footprint


Presence detection: keeping the carbon footprint under control

The best way to save energy is to turn things off when you don’t need them, argues Timeguard, and the best way to make sure that lights and HVAC equipment are only on when they’re needed is to switch them on automatically. You just need the right PIR-activate presence detectors to control the call for power – and you’ll be sure to find them in the huge range now available from Timeguard and its parent company Theben AG.

Timeguard’s latest addition, a new range of affordable presence detectors, will make this technology very attractive in a wide range of installations, and should be on your shelves now.

Timeguard’s new range of sensitive presence detectors, complement its established and top-selling 360° PIR detectors, the workhorses of the market. The new detectors break new ground in price performance to bring the benefits of presence detection to more building users – and optional remote controls mean everyone will find them easy to set.

As their name suggests, these ceiling and flush mounted devices detect the presence of people in an area, sitting at a desk and working quietly, rather than requiring them to actually get up and move around the detection field in order to trigger lights or heating/ventilating equipment to switch or stay on. This makes them idea for open plan offices, libraries and reception areas etc.

As they are also sensitive to light levels, these detectors will only switch lights on when light levels are below a user-selected level between so that lights will not come on unnecessarily when ambient light will suffice.

The new Timeguard Presence Detector range includes single and dual channel versions for ceiling or flush mounting. The detection field is adjustable up to 7m.

The optional remote control enables users to set lux levels, light on times and field dimensions using a simple hand-held device. Setting can be duplicated in dual channel devices with the touch of a button; alternatively the two channels can be set up independently.

40% energy savings possible

Is it worth the extra hassle and expense of installing presence detectors? The answer is a resounding YES.

One school has measured savings of over 40% in classrooms in its new block, compared with conventional light controls in other classroom blocks.

Because they are so sensitive and allow for zoned control, presence detectors are far more sensitive to light levels and movement and so allow for precise control.

Theben HTS presence detectors were chosen for the newly-renovated areas of a school (pictured left), where the client required lighting for nine new classrooms and corridors. The detector model chosen provides two separately controlled switched outputs making it ideal for use in large spaces like classrooms. There are two sets of lights in each classroom, and those nearest the windows switch off before those in the inner parts of the rooms where there is less natural light.

These presence detectors have inputs for conventional 230V sensors or switches for manual control. At this school a semi-automatic operating mode was chosen so that lighting always has to be switched on manually but will switch off automatically if there is sufficient natural light or at night.

Timeguard MD Andy Douglas points out that that these levels of control are not the preserve of new-build and refurbishments: it is not a big job to parallel lighting circuits and install presence detectors to provide zoned control.

Corridors: an awkward shape for presence detectors? Not anymore!

There’s no need for detectors at both ends of a corridor using Theben Compact Passage detector which packs two detectors, facing in opposite directions, into one small casing, which can the be mounted centrally.

One device – one install – one happy installer!

High ceilings? No problem

Controlling lighting in large open plan areas with high ceilings with the precision afforded by presence detectors is possible thanks to the Theben HTS ECO-IR detectors, as shown at this sports centre. Hand held remote control devices solve the obvious problem of setting and re-adjusting the presence detectors when they are so high up.

Presence Detectors from Timeguard:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Easy to install
  • Comply with part L

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