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Professional standards of access management from Doorcom…


Doorcom – professional standards of access management for home and office.

Affordable, available now and easy to install.

Doorcom is a new range of high-quality, beautifully-designed video and audio door access systems from one of the must trusted names in home control, Timeguard.

Doorcom provides affordable added security for people living or working alone or in restricted areas of a building, ensuring that occupants know who is at the door before they allow them in.

Installation is simple with simple two-wire connection.

The new range includes video entry systems with crisp CMOS colour or black and white screens and with the option of simple push-button entry or two-way intercom, as well as audio-only options. Sound quality throughout the range is impressive.

Dual channel models are available for offices or flats where the main entry to the street is shared.

The silver-coloured external panels are sleek and, at just 28mm, remarkably slim. Used with standard 12v door strikes, Timeguard’s Doorcom systems can add security to almost any entrance.

As ever, Timeguard has backed its products with a full three-year warranty, and offers them through electrical wholesalers nationwide.


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