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Profile Evolution From Marshall-Tufflex


Odyssey Trunking has a unique curved profile which is ideally suited to projects where aesthetics are of prime importance. Its ground-breaking design will allow decision-makers to specify a containment system on its appearance, confident that it offers the most stylish of systems available today and that it is supported by all the functional excellence expected from Marshall-Tufflex products.

The new clip-on action of the lid is unique, snapping on to the rear of the base and allowing the system to follow the irregularities of the fixing surfaces in order to create superbly smooth lines.

Fittings are exceedingly secure because of this clip action and the extensive range of moulded fittings minimise the need for external couplers, a design feature that once again, contributes to creating the aesthetic appearance of the trunking body.

Fixed horizontal bends have been designed for maximum aesthetic achievement but there is also the option of some very smart adjustable bends to accommodate the problems thrown up by building intolerances. The external adjustable bend also has a unique locking facility built-in to the fitting and the installation of Odyssey becomes easier and faster with the addition of in-built cable trays.

All fittings have bend radius cable control for Cat 6 compliancy, Steel Dividers are available to protect data from power (complying with Information Technology Standard BS EN 50174-2) and Marshall-Tufflex is alone in being able to offer a Copper Spray screening for total protection against EMI.

You can take a look at Odyssey on www.marshall-tufflex.com/odyssey and while you’re there, try your luck at the Odyssey Invaders Game – check your score against the rest of the world and see if you can make it to the top three!

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