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Quick and easy calculations on the move with HeatSmart


AMTECH Power Software has launched HeatSmart, providing heating installers with all of the benefits of the popular and respected Mear Calculator on a Pocket PC.

Included in AMTECH’s GasCert Plus package or available as a stand-alone product, HeatSmart includes two easy to use calculators –Central Heating for calculating radiator sizes for individual rooms and Boiler Sizing for calculating the boiler size for a whole premises. Simply enter customer’s details, then enter dimensions and select variables from the dropdown lists to generate the radiator or boiler size required.

All calculations are displayed immediately on the Pocket PC and can also be saved for generating and printing reports later. Company details are stored on the Pocket PC to save entering them for each report.

HeatSmart also provides a complete audit trail to demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations and best practice procedures.

M. H. Mear director David Mosley commented: “We have spent a long time looking for a software partner that would complement our own strengths and add value to the physical calculator. AMTECH’s expertise and impressive track record provide very strong synergies to the M H Mear offering.”

“Our GasCert program has shown us there’s a huge appetite for mobile solutions among heating engineers,” added AMTECH sales director James Cooper. “Mear’s First Principles calculator is an essential tool for heating engineers so we can be confident the enhanced electronic version will be very warmly received by the trade,” he concluded.

HeatSmart is an ideal complement to AMTECH’s GasCert software. GasCert is designed for producing landlord/home owner gas safety records, gas warning advice notices and minor electrical works certificates. GasCert and GasCert Plus are available in both desktop and mobile versions.

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