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Stelrad Radiators has responded to concerns about radiators working well alongside renewable heating systems such as air source heat pumps. Lower temperature heating systems will require larger radiators….but they will work well with heat pumps.

The key to radiators operating well in any situation is to size them properly at the outset, which involves accurately working out heat loss calculations to achieve the necessary number of BTUs required to provide comfort heating in each room and to select the right sized radiator.

You can achieve the extra boost radiators need by replacing the existing single or double panel radiators with the new K3 radiators that have three panels and three sets of fins – providing the additional metal surfaces you need but with the same radiator footprint.

Stelrad has anticipated the significant move towards air source heat pumps in the UK and has added new, larger size radiators to its portfolio. It has increased the K3 radiator options and added many new vertical radiators to their range too.

Radiators are very much ‘fit for the future’  – head for www.stelrad.com for more information.



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