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Reducing the risk of entrapment


A positive solution

The temptation for small children to press against elevator and glass screen doors can lead to fingers becoming trapped in the gap between the frame and the doors when opening.

Simple to install, ELEVATORGUARD significantly reduces the risk of entrapment by closing the gap and protecting the pinch points with flexible and durable brush filaments.

ELEVATORGUARD is also effective in sealing against draughts and wind noise, helping to maintain air-conditioned environments and increase passenger comfort levels.


  • Extensive range of anodised, painted and plated fascia finishes available
  • Simple to install, complete with all fixings
  • Fulfils the requirements of EN81
  • Fire retardant option available

From elevators to automatic and platform screen doors, ELEVATORGUARD protects passengers by reducing the risk of entrapment in the gaps between sliding parts.

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