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REHAU Launches New Flexible And Robust Pre-Insulated Pipework


Polymer specialist REHAU has launched a new range of pre-insulated flexible PE-Xa pipework for use in external plant rooms, biogas plants, swimming pools, district heating schemes and for connections to ground source heat pumps.

Branded RAUVITHERM, it is designed for projects where pipe flexibility and durability are of paramount importance. It features a flexible corrugated outer sleeve and open cell insulation allowing tight bending radii to be achieved around corners or when pulling into house inlets.

The outer sleeve is constructed from robust HDPE to cope with tough on site conditions and the outer layer of insulation is bonded to the sleeve ensuring that the pipe is both watertight and longitudinally stable.

RAUVITHERM uses REHAU’s renowned Everloc compression sleeve jointing system, which has been proven over a million times in underfloor heating and plumbing applications, to deliver a permanent leak free joint. Fitted easily using a compression tool, it can typically be fitted in half the time it takes to install a conventional joint.

RAUVITHERM is available in single pipe versions up to 125mm and twin pipe up to 63mm, and in coil lengths of between 100m and 300m.

RAUVITHERM is an addition to REHAU’s range of pre-insulated pipework which already includes RAUTHERMEX, a closed cell insulated alternative which is designed to deliver optimum thermal insulation for longer heating distances and larger distribution networks

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