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Rehau Shows Experience and Expertise


Global polymer group REHAU will be exhibiting its range of renewable energy products at EcoBuild and highlighting its experience and expertise in this burgeoning sector.

The stand will feature REHAU’s AWADUKT Thermo ground-air heat exchanger, ground-source heating and cooling systems, RAURAIN and RAUSIKKO rainwater management systems and Biogas systems.

The products have all already been proven in use across Europe where the market for renewable energy systems has been established for many years allowing REHAU to quote real rather than predicted performance figures.

The AWADUKT Thermo ground-air heat exchanger is currently being installed in both domestic and commercial projects in the UK. It provides a constant source of fresh, filtered air which is drawn through a network of underground pipes to pre-warm it in winter or pre-cool it in summer.

The system can achieve a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 50 compared with a typical COP of 3-4 for a ground-source heat pump making it a very efficient source of renewable energy.

Alongside AWADUKT Thermo, REHAU is displaying its RAUGEO ground-source range which extracts energy from the ground via pipework used in conjunction with a heat-pump. It can be combined with the company’s low-flow temperature underfloor heating system to provide optimum efficiency.

The RAURAIN and RAUSIKKO rainwater management systems are REHAU’s response to the twin challenge facing the UK of conserving and reusing scarce water supplies whilst also managing storm water surges. Both products will be on display along with details of recent successful installations.

REHAU is proud of the polymer expertise which drives its ability to deliver such diverse solutions. At EcoBuild it will be focusing on the favourable whole life costings of its products thanks in part to the long term performance of the polymer materials used.


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