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Replacement pump info… within 20 seconds!


Anyone needing a replacement pump can now get all the information they need within twenty seconds of sending a text!

Leading European pump manufacturer Wilo UK has launched a new service allowing an enquiry to be sent by text message to the Wilo SMS replacement service – simply by texting the old pump details to 07500 041411. The appropriate replacement Wilo pump will be identified amazingly rapidly and the name and part number will be with the texter in a matter of seconds. In addition to the new Wilo pump that is right for the specific application, the text message sent back from Wilo will also contain the necessary technical data, the part number and information about any adaptors that might be required.

This new service is available around the clock, 365 days a year. The only cost to the user is the cost of a text message from his or her mobile phone service provider. The system can be used with any mobile phone and only the name or number of the defective pump type needs to be entered – the manufacturer data is not required.

Incredibly, the new Wilo intelligent system program makes a query possible, even in the event of typing errors in a text or the need to send barely legible and possibly as a result, partially inaccurate information from a covered or soiled defective pump casing. If some information is unclear or incomplete, suitable replacement pump types are listed and can still be selected. The database contains replacement information on all heating circulation pumps and glandless secondary hot water circulation pumps.

Wilo’s Kay Knight says this new tool is already making friends: “This is a really useful and impressive tool for our customers. What’s simpler than ‘bashing off’ a text to Wilo with the information you can get from a pump you need to replace? Twenty seconds later, all the information you need to ensure you replace it with the right new Wilo pump is there on your phone. It couldn’t be simpler!”

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