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Retrofit L2 metering made easy


A new range of metering units, designed for easy installation on existing supplies or upgrades, helps to provide energy metering to Part L2 of the UK Building Regulations. Havells’ MMU meter management units comprise a multifunction meter in an IP65 enclosure, with pre-wired split-core current transformers. The range comprises 125A and 250A units with standard multi-function meters or MID meters.

To save installation time and risk of errors, the compact split-core CTs are pre-wired to flying leads which are easily connected to the meter terminals. The meters are fully pre-configured for current transformer ratio and voltage. They have in-line fuses to protect the meter and a CT disconnect feature for safe maintenance.

The meters offer both visual and remote reading capability. Parameters displayed include kW, kVAr, kVA, maximum demand since last reset, kWh (import and export), kVArh (import and export), voltage, frequency, current and THD (total harmonic distortion). For remote monitoring and BMS systems both pulsed output and Modbus communications are offered as standard. The MID meter option offers an approved meter for landlords’ tenant billing applications

The insulated enclosures have a transparent cover for easy viewing of the meter. ‘Glandless’ cable entry avoids the need for stuffing glands. The split core CTs are designed for easy installation even in confined spaces, and have generous tails for connection to the meter. Optional voltage reference connections use ‘Vampire’ insulation-piercing connectors for simplicity and safety.

“Havells recognises that there are some aspects of installation practice that are specific to the UK. These include the energy monitoring requirements of the Building Regulations and requirements for landlords’ metering. We aim to offer solutions to the special needs of the UK market as well as those which are common to all sectors of the market” says Havells’ UK Marketing Manager, Mike Lawrence.

The company, which entered the UK switchgear market in the second half of 2011, has already launched ranges of residential consumer units, Type A and Type B distribution boards and a range of MCCB panelboards.

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