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RIBA Approval for Swish Sustainability CPD


Swish has gained RIBA approval for its new CPD seminar which provides information about the sustainability of PVC roofline products.

All chartered members of RIBA are required to do 35 hours and 100 points of CPD per year and this approved presentation counts for twice the normal number of points.

The presentation is delivered by the Swish Technical Sales Force and lasts about 25 minutes. It gives a clear and concise overview of the advantages of specifying PVC roofline products over low grade timber equivalents.

Unlike timber, which requires regular maintenance to preserve a good appearance, PVC is a low maintenance product which is appropriate for exposed and inaccessible areas such as the roofline. This in turn keeps the lifetime costs to a minimum as opposed to the continuous expense that timber incurs.

Swish PVC roofline and cladding products are also highly recyclable and PVC construction products have been recognised by the BRE's Green Guide as having a significant contribution to make to the Government's sustainability drive.

Greg Wilde, Marketing Manager, Swish Building Products said: “We have delivered a number of seminars already and have had a very positive reaction from architects who had previously been unfamiliar with the sustainability of PVC products. We hope to deliver many more of these presentations.”

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