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Buildings old and new, suffer with sound penetrating through thin walls. With the additional expansion of timber-framed property, the problem of sound absorption in walls now needs to be urgently addressed to meet current Building Regulations. The Envirograf Acoustic Protection Cover offers excellent sound absorption properties and has been recently accepted by Robust Details. The cover is made of 15mm thick sponge for housing both switch and socket boxes. Tested to BS EN ISO 140-3 (1995) and rated in accordance with BS EN ISO 717/1 (1997) meeting acoustic criteria.

The cover can be combined with the highly successful Envirograf fire protective gaskets for electrical sockets and switches to meet the revised 16th Edition IEE regulations. The Envirograf gaskets are used by many socket manufacturers and suppliers including Marshall Tufflex, BG Electrical, MK Electric and Rexel Senate and they will offer up to 4-hour fire protection in metal boxes and 70minutes integrity and insulation in a dry wall installation. The covers and gaskets are available for Single, Double and Twin socket fittings.


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