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Safe working at Primark in Bedford during refurb work


A Detectomat Radio – Wirefree Fire Alarm system enabled contractors to carry out major refurbishment of a store unit for Primark in the Harpur Centre, Bedford whilst business continued in the remainder of the centre. The shopping centre sprinkler system had to be disconnected during the refurb and as a consequence insurers, Wills Ltd of London, required the use of an automatic fire detection system the whole time the work was being carried out.

Styles & Wood, the contractor ensured that there was no disruption to the work by specifying a Detectomat radio fire alarm system, supplied by Monitor Fire of Chatham. The temporary system was installed quickly and cost effectively providing 24-hour coverage to assist 24/7 manned guarding on the site. Because the dirty and dusty working conditions during the 6-month building project prevented the use of smoke detectors, a system was engineered using only 101 Heat alarms and 2 Call Points with 2 interlinked control panels. And the system was interfaced into the main shopping centre?s fire detection system so that an early warning could be given in the event of an emergency.

The system, consisting of two 6-zone panels and 103 alarm devices, was installed and commissioned in just 4 days! It was in situ for over 30 weeks without faults and had tremendous financial benefits ? including dispensing with a whole shift of the manned security team. And it is expected that enough money will have been saved to pay for the complete installation of the Detectomat radio system.

The client, Douglas Wallace Designers of London, is totally satisfied with the solution to the problem including the advantages that work could proceed quickly, efficiently and above all in the sure and certain knowledge that if there were a problem with fire there would be sufficient warning to minimise the damage. Similarly, the insurer who introduced the idea, the owner and Primark themselves who are the tenant have all benefited from the solution to a potentially disruptive and expensive problem.

The refurbishment project is soon to be completed, the system has been removed and the installer can benefit from reusing selected components for future projects.

This project demonstrates the clear benefits from using radio -wirefree fire alarms to provide temporary fire cover on construction sites and the potential for replication is vast. For further information on the Detectomat Radio Fire Alarm System call Detectomat on 01579 321750, email detectomat@leighandersonassociates.com or visit www.detectomat.com


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