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Salon inspiration


With space at a premium in many homes, dual-purpose items are a boon. Clipper from the Aeon Collection is a radiator that not only looks fabulous, it doubles as a coat or towel rail, too!

The stainless steel masterpiece would look equally at home in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen or living room either as a statement piece in its own right or as a functional heating accessory.

Inspired by the barbers’ tool of the same name, Clipper incorporates Aeon’s unique patented Twister technology to twist the radiator bars through 90 degrees. The resulting bars reveal contrasting brushed and polished surfaces to striking effect. These are topped with a series of tapered points which can serve as hooks for towels or coats as required.

Clipper is available as a 1500mm length only, with 5,7 or 9 bars and outputs of 500-900W, suitable for electric or hot water systems. Price from £635 +VAT for the 5 bar model. (The 9-bar model, pictured, is £950 +VAT)

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