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Sanicubic XL is all out to sea


Dealing with waste on a drilling rig out at sea is no easy task given the constant exposure to the elements. Any solution has to be highly durable, reliable and more than up to the job.
Fugro GeoServices Ltd is a specialist overwater drilling and marine construction contractor operating in nearshore and offshore locations all over the world.  The allcompany designs, develops and operates its own equipment and has a fleet of jack-up barges and bespoke geotechnical and construction drills for site investigation and construction work in hostile and technically demanding environments.
Recently the company investigated the use of modular accommodation facilities on a rig for a specific contract; one that would need to cater for up to 24 people at any one time. A fundamental element of the specification was a sufficiently robust pump; capable of dealing with waste from multiple toilet and bathing facilities. A search and competitive benchmark of solutions available on the market led Trevor Roberts, Services & Facilities Manager at Fugro to Saniflo’s commercial range and – more specifically – the Sanicubic XL. After assessing the XL he specified 3 units; 2 to work on board and another as a back-up.
“Even though my background is in plumbing I hadn’t realised that Saniflo offered a range of professional pumps and macerators. The XLs have proved to be perfect for our needs. They are sited in a spot on the platform that is flat and level and were incredibly simple to install because they sit flush to the surface.
Due to the design of the platform, however, we weren’t able to run the pipes beneath the unit due to lack of available fall. This proved not to be a problem because the XL has outlet points that enabled us to run the pipes upwards to where they are needed.”
The substantial 120 litre tanks are deck-mounted right in the centre of the platform exposed to the crashing waves of the sea and high winds. Yet the overall dimensions of the unit (0.95 x 0.7m, combined with its base weight of 55kg, have proved sufficiently ample and durable for the application whilst IP68 rating offers protection against dust, dirt and moisture. For extra security the installation used robust 4” pipes that run flat across the deck from the XL whilst high quality plastic pipes are connected from the sanitaryware to the inlet pipes on the box.  All these factors proved critical for the safe operation of the unit, along with the audible warning system and dual pump system;

“A number of key features on the Sanicubic XL persuaded the team here that it was the right product for the job. We were really impressed with the alarm – even though it’s never sounded, it offers us complete peace of mind that any problem can be quickly alerted to us. The guys on the rig carry out a daily check to make sure the pumps are working via the control panel on the warning system. Another indispensable feature was the provision of dual pumps which ensure continuity of use in the unlikely event of one pump failing.”

Prior to the installation of the units on the drilling rig a training session was delivered by Saniflo’s technical support team at Falmouth Docks in Cornwall. This included a full strip-down and rebuild so that the units could be effectively maintained by the service team on the rig.  Thanks to exceptional service and support from Saniflo, a further pump was specified to deal with grey water waste from the kitchen. The Sanispeed features a robust pump for grey water discharge; in this case water from multiple appliances and two big kitchen sink. To overcome the lack of space for pipework along the floors; the pipes were installed over the top of the kitchen, connected to the Sanicubic XL and then pumped 32m along the deck in 110mm steel pipe for treatment in the waste management plant on the deck. From here the grey water is evacuated in to the sea.

“Both are great systems and work superbly. Having previously gone to bigger tank suppliers – who recommended large metal tanks at several times the cost – I am very happy I discovered the commercial range from Saniflo. The team has been more than helpful, the training was priceless and the units are working effectively and efficiently. I would certainly use these products in a future specification.”

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