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Saniflo celebrates 60 years of innovation


The Saniflo macerator is celebrating its diamond anniversary and to celebrate the company is launching a unique prize draw which can be entered by installers each time they purchase one of a range of domestic macerators between 15th May and 31st September 2018.

It’s hard to believe that the first Saniflo was launched some six decades ago in France. The very first units were invented to provide extra wc facilities in apartment blocks in France. In the sixty years that have followed the innovation has continued and today Saniflo has the most comprehensive line-up of macerators, pumps and lifting stations for commercial and domestic markets and is not only the UK market leader, but has become the generic term for macerators in the same way as hoover has for vacuum cleaners.

To recognise the landmark in the company history there will be special stickers on the boxes of the Saniflo Up, Sanipro Up, Saniplus Up, Sanivite+, Sanishower+ and the Sanispeed+ between those dates and these will explain how to enter the draw to try and win cash prizes including: 1 prize of 6000 Euros, 10 prizes of 600 Euros and 100 prizes of 60 Euros. The Sterling equivalent will be available.
A website URL and QR code printed on the sticker takes the installer to a dedicated web page where he/she can enter the relevant details and submit a proof of receipt whereupon he or she will be automatically entered into the random draw which will be drawn in October 2018. It is possible to enter the draw more than once; every purchase of a relevant product entitles the purchaser to a further entry.

For a copy of the full terms and conditions please visit www.saniflo.co.uk

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