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Saniflo Kinedo cubicles feature in luxury Lancashire development Tustin Heights



Saniflo Kinedo shower cubicles are the showering solution of choice for Lancashire-based Tustin Developments’ project in the seaside town of Lytham St Ann’s, where former tax offices once used by HM Customs & Excise, have been transformed into a block of 36 luxury apartments called Tustin Heights.

Owner of Tustin Developments, Andrew Roberts, invited Saniflo to the site when he was looking for an alternative to prohibitively priced fully manufactured bathrooms pods.  After receiving an on-site installation demonstration from Saniflo and encouraged by the success of local housing scheme, Kensington Developments, which successfully uses Kinedo shower cubicles for its bathrooms, Andrew Roberts decided Kinedo was for him.

Andrew comments: “The cubicles have proved to be popular with the whole installation team. Malcolm Young is our contractor and he’s very hard to please, but he’s absolutely sold on them. The team of plumbers have said how straightforward the whole installation process is – in fact many of us would like one of these in our own homes. They look great and are easy to clean and maintain. The benefits on site are immense. Once they are installed we don’t have to have any follow-on trades, like tilers, because opaque glass internal panels are used to create the watertight space. No grout or silicone is required so it literally just takes half a day to fit a shower cubicle. That enables our workforce to quickly move onto the next job. I have to acknowledge the whole team at Saniflo. From the early initial enquiry through to completion of the final bathroom, the support has been quite exceptional. I can honestly say Saniflo’s reputation is richly deserved.”

The Kinedo Eden cubicle is a popular model with mid-size housebuilders and developers, who appreciate the benefits of an integrated package that saves significant time for installers. The internal and external panels, shower tray, shower valve, rainshower head and handheld hose are supplied as standard equipment, along with all fittings. Delivered to site as one package a cubicle can save precious specification time and is least hassle for the plumber who would otherwise receive all individual items.

Perfect for bathrooms where space is at a premium – like Tustin Heights – the Eden is available as a corner or quadrant and has the option of sliding or pivot doors which are reversible. Available in a range of sizes to suit the modern bathroom, the smallest option is 800×800 whilst the largest is 1200 x 800; ideal as a walk-in solution. The exposed thermostatic valve doubles up as a handy shelf. All glass is treated with Cristal Plus, a permanent anti-limescale coating that minimises the build-up of calcium deposits and dirt on glass reducing the need to clean. Water runs off the glass without leaving streaks and watermarks.

The clever assembly process, whereby internal panels fit over the lip of the shower tray enabling all water to run off the panels into the tray, means a watertight environment can be created without the use of silicone. Without constant maintenance silicone can deteriorate and discolour in a humid bathroom environment. The same is true of grout, which can be notoriously difficult to keep clean. The Kinedo Eden requires neither; ensuring, with the right care, it always remains looking as pristine as the day it was installed.

Andrew adds: “Without hesitation I would say any builder, developer, plumber or building manufacturer should consider the Kinedo cubicle range. There is a premium to pay but this is earned back quickly thanks to the swift, hassle free installation process, the time saving on specifying all individual elements and even simple issues like unpacking multiple boxes on site. The units look great and provide the perfect showering solution.”

For more information please visit Kinedo and request a brochure.

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