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Saniflo launches new website


Saniflo UK – the country’s leading designer and manufacturer of macerators, pumps and shower cubicles – has launched a new website available at saniflo.co.uk, offering access to a a raft of information for homeowners wishing to find out more and upgrade their homes using a Saniflo product. Live from mid-October, the new website makes it easy for homeowners to search and find the products they need.

Selecting the right product can be achieved in a number of ways. The ‘Our Products’ tab enables a search via conversion type or product group. ‘Your Project’ takes the user through a selector tool that highlights the Saniflo products relevant to the job the customer wishes to carry out.

A range of installation videos are available on the home page. Aimed at highlighting the ease of installation of Saniflo products these videos are useful for plumbers, installers and DIY’er’s alike. Brochures can be downloaded from the customer service section and customers can also register purchase details here too to ensure they benefit from the generous 5-year warranty protection on the domestic product range.

The Pro site has an added link to the installation instructions for the full range of Saniflo products and has been designed for the addition of future content. In due course more product and instructional videos will be added along with educational assets.

Of course the Saniflo technical team is just a phone call away if any further information is required.

The best way to find out more about the new site is to try it at www.saniflo.co.uk

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