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Search For Oldest Working Wilo Small Circulator In UK – Launched!


VW Caddy van prize for oldest one found before 30th June 2009

Wilo, the leading European pump manufacturer is on the look out for the oldest operating Wilo small circulator in the UK! And whilst finding one will be interesting in itself, for the installer or contractor who finds the oldest one still working in the UK there’s an extra special reason for being pleased – he or she will drive away in a brand new VW Caddy van!

Wilo has launched a similar competition in Germany recently and the oldest found so far there is 54 years old – still running flawlessly! Wilo’s Dan Wild says they don’t expect to find one that old in the UK but you just never know: “Clearly Wilo UK has not been in existence as long as Wilo has been trading in Germany so to find one that old would be amazing, but we are confident we’ll find one that is thirty years plus and still working so watch this space!” he says.

Clearly a pump that’s still working several decades after installation is doing so because it was and is a quality product, but because technology has moved on, however well the old pump is operating, replacement by a brand new, high technology, high efficiency Wilo pump will be overdue! Saving energy, reducing emissions and energy costs, using up to 80% less energy to run it, for starters.

There will be regular quarterly prizes for the oldest found during the search – with installers winning a Wii if they have the oldest one at the end of January and April 2009 but the finder of the overall oldest will be presented with the van for their efforts after the 30th June closing date.

Wilo is running the competition in conjunction with a major awareness campaign across the UK, making installers and specifiers aware of the facts behind the on-going growth of Wilo pump sales in the UK. Very definitely the second largest player in the UK marketplace, with pockets of the UK where it is by far the most popular brand – Northern Ireland for example – Wilo is seeing increasing take up of its energy efficient small circulator offering, particularly since the launch of the Wilo-Stratos ECO pump which offers up to 80% energy saving over standard uncontrolled pumps, that still operate extensively and expensively in millions of homes across the country.

“From research we’ve undertaken, it’s clear that many installers and specifiers had no idea that we invented the first small circulator pump and that we are the leading supplier of small circulators to combi boiler manufacturers across Europe,” says Dan Wild. “We manufacture more than 5 million small circulators a year in Europe and there are more than 3.5 million Wilo pumps operating either in combis, system boilers or independently in conventional heating systems in the UK. The numbers are phenomenal and we recently saw the Wilo-Stratos ECO independently tested as the most energy efficient small circulator you can buy, anywhere – tested by one of Europe’s leading consumer groups. It’s all good news and we need to get the message out and about to those who think there’s only one brand of pump in the UK – there’s a second – and its taking chunks of the marketplace year on year, as we grow, year on year.”

Installers looking to win the VW Caddy van need to search for Wilo pumps still operating in their customers homes and if they find one that has clearly been doing the business for a good many years, they need to take a photo of the pump in situ and take a note of the serial number which will allow Wilo to check exactly when it was manufactured. They can go to the Wilo UK web site at www.wilo.co.uk and send the information via the web site with the photo of the pump to Wilo’s head office.

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