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The numerous properties belonging to Bournemouth Borough Council are constantly undergoing repair and maintenance programmes, and as the demand towards more sustainable practice increases, so does the need for products and systems that offer far more than just a short-term solution.

To this end, the housing department at Bournemouth is using Zinsser paints for both the interior and the exterior redecoration of the properties, as Carl Falla, decorating supervisor at the Council, explains: “At Bournemouth, we are dedicated to achieving the Decent Homes Standard, set out by the Government, by 2010. Since 2004, we have been using Zinsser Permawhite Exterior for the fascias and soffits to the external envelope of the properties. For internal areas where mould and mildew have taken hold, such as the kitchens and bathrooms, Zinsser Permawhite Interior Paint has been applied.”

Permawhite guarantees no mould or mildew growth on the paint film for up to five years, and has a 15-year guarantee against blistering and flaking. Formulated to withstand harsh conditions, Permawhite is self-priming and extremely fast drying. It can also be tinted to any pastel or mid-tone colour and provides the added benefit of being low odour.

One of the major aims of the council is to extend the maintenance period between recoats and this is being achieved with Permawhite. Externally this significantly reduces the costs and risks associated with working at height, including the cost and inconvenience of scaffolding and platforms. Internally, Permawhite provides a solution when it is needed, as Carl continues: “Where condensation has occurred, Permawhite is invaluable as it not only covers the problem, but being backed by a five-year guarantee, it reduces the need to redecorate as often. Drying times are much quicker which means that there is minimum disruption to tenants and we have a choice of colours. In all, Zinsser Permawhite offers us the most cost-effective redecorating solution.”

Mould and mildew can occur wherever mould spores find sufficient moisture and food to grow. Mould and mildew cause unsightly stains, generate bad odours, and over time deteriorate the material on which they feed.

Permawhite controls the problem by preventing the growth of bacteria on the cured paint film, while providing a durable and attractive finish. Used internally as a two-coat system, this eliminates the need for sanding, filling and other time-consuming preparation, and for the budget-conscious public sector, this enables specifiers to significantly reduce the costs of labour and materials.

By allowing comprehensive priming protection, the Zinsser range extends the durability of the finish coat. This is achieved through the unique adhesion qualities of the product, which is specially formulated to firmly anchor the product to even the most challenging surfaces without the need for sanding or deglossing. Thus the surface is sealed so effectively that more high quality resin remains on the surface, making the topcoat more durable and impact resistant.

This falls into line with the Council’s own standard – the Bournemouth Standard – which represents a proposed standard of housing reached with the consultation and agreement of the tenants and leaseholders, and which goes beyond that of the Decent Homes initiative. “Part of our Standard is that we promise to deliver value for money,” concludes Carl, “and using Permawhite, that is exactly what we do. Additionally, good maintenance procedure equates to considerable savings over the long term, as value for money products and materials provide greater durability and do not continuously drain maintenance resources.

“With over 300 properties a year to maintain, it is vital that the products used meet all the criteria for sustainability and performance. Using Zinsser Permawhite paint, long lasting durability is assured.”

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