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Sentinel Launches Rapid-Dose


-the easy way to add cleaner and system treatment to domestic heating systems-

Leading European water treatment specialist Sentinel has launched Sentinel Rapid-Dose. This revolutionary approach to domestic water treatment utilising a new dosing system to make water treatment easier and less expensive, comes in a recyclable, pressurised canister pre-filled with Sentinel chemical water treatment product – initially the familiar X100 central heating inhibitor and protector, X200 noise reducer, X400 system sludge remover and cleaner and the popular and highly effective Leak Sealer – that can be used to dose any indirect central heating system in seconds.

Rapid-Dose’s novel system is designed to make the addition of water treatment chemicals quick and easy, soon restoring system efficiency to older systems and maintaining the efficiency of new ones, minimising CO2 emissions in the process.

The contents of a Sentinel Rapid-Dose canister are under pressure – the propellant is simply compressed air, so no ‘nasties’ are emitted when the canister is activated – the contents are discharged in, on average around thirty seconds and one 400ml can is sufficient to dose a normal domestic heating system.

It’s quick, mess-free, simple to use and the can is recyclable. A compelling set of reasons to try Sentinel Rapid-Dose!

In addition, there’s no need to draw off water, release system pressure – unless the system is at above 2.3 bar – or wait for the system to cool – and the contents are the same fully proven Sentinel formulations you’ve been working with previously in the liquid or concentrate form of the product, so you can be confident that Sentinel Rapid-Dose will do the job effectively.

To apply Sentinel Rapid-Dose into a heating system, you simply need one of the easy-to-use re-usable connector kits available from your merchant – either a Filling Loop Adaptor, a Radiator Dosing Point kit or a Vent Pin Adaptor Set. You can also purchase a Universal Dosing Tool Kit which includes all these individual options if you prefer and in pre-launch installer research, nearly every installer who saw the ‘kit’ wanted one to add to his toolbox!

Sentinel’s John Lynch says this is ‘the’ answer for installers looking for a quick and simple answer to chemical water treatment in domestic heating systems: “Sentinel Rapid-Dose offers all the benefits that installers have been asking us for and it provides them with a simple, clean and very quick solution. In pre-launch tests it’s ticked all the boxes.”

Sentinel Rapid-Dose is available from your local merchant from 1st June 2008.

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