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Formed in 1979 Taplanes Showing Solutions were once a subsidiary of Kelan Engineering and are now the oldest British manufacturer of shower cubicles, minipods and ensuite pods. Using their own patented manufacturing techniques and materials, Taplanes are the only British company that can genuinely prove that they can meet a minimum 30 year life expectancy if not in excess of 50 years.

Taplanes have produced specialized equipment for private, military and government contracts for various applications which have involved highly specialized chemicals, plastics, electronics and robotic knowledge.

Most of these contracts were completed under “Letters of Confidentiality” and “Secrecy” documentation.

Taplanes manufacture all their products using a specially formulated polypropylene material with a minimum thickness of 10/12mm. This sustainable material allows Taplanes to take their products back at the end of its life cycle, regrind it, re-thermoform it and then re-use it.

Each bespoke construction does not use any substitute material for strength, under-carriage support or component fixing, nor does the system carry any exposed sealant, grout or tiling which can be a costly, an on-going maintenance issue, and can also attract bacteria. The Taplanes material is tested and approved by an NHS test Laboratory as bacteria free and also totally inert.

Their patented horizontal joint system is designed to prevent any capillary action allowing for the whole ensuite system to be taken in and out of the allotted room as many times as needed without invalidating the guarantee.

During their 31 years of manufacture Taplanes can refer to clients selling buildings, taking the ensuite or showers out, and reusing them in other buildings which saves considerable sums of money.

The Taplanes unique design is a cost saving environmentally friendly solution, perfect for today's economic climate.

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