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Sikkens plus range for 2010 and beyond


Sikkens has now completed the introduction of its new “plus” range of coatings products. The “plus” range has been formulated to ensure that all of Sikkens trusted finishes remain available from 2010 – when new EU VOC reduction legislation comes into force.

The introduction complements Sikkens existing lower VOC options, the water-borne “BL” range and the high solids “Nova” range.

One of the main challenges with reformulating products is that the application characteristics are often altered quite dramatically. Trade users and specifiers who have confidently used a particular product for many years are likely to be disappointed if that product changes significantly. The “plus” range has been produced to mirror the application properties of the current range, and although there are minor changes to the drying times and appearance of the in-can product of some of the products, these will not significantly change any of the general painting procedures contractors are used to.

Formulation changes have been made to the resin binder and the solvent content of the products – there is no change to the finished colour of the “plus” product compared to the current range, and the 8 traditional shades (Light Oak, Pine, Dark Oak, Teak, Mahogany, Walnut, Rosewood and Ebony) are still available as off the shelf colours in the key products. In addition ’ plus’ products are available in the new translucent colour collections – Cetol Design Classic and Cetol Design Style – inspirational ranges comprising colours that can be used for exterior and interior surfaces in all solvent-borne and water-borne Cetol woodstains.

The full range now incorporates: Cetol HLS plus exterior satin basecoat, Cetol TSI Satin plus interior clear varnish, Cetol THB plus highly translucent semi-gloss finish, Cetol Filter 7 plus maximum durability woodstain, Rubbol AZ plus high gloss finish, Rubbol Satura plus abrasion resistant satin finish and Rubbol Primer plus.

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