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Simple Innovation With Maximum Impact From Pegler Yorkshire


The future of controlling room temperature is set to change thanks to the latest technology developed by market leader Pegler Yorkshire. Using its expertise in radiator valve control the company has created a revolutionary new product that can save up to 30% of space heating costs and can significantly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Room temperature control has successfully been managed by TRVs for many years, yet taking this further, Pegler Yorkshire’s innovative product not only controls temperature but now time, which means the radiator is only on at times actually required by the end user. Developed under the renowned terrier brand, and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), the terrier i-temp is a programmable radiator control (PRC).

“This is an exciting new product for Pegler Yorkshire,” commented Sindar Singh product marketing manager Pegler Yorkshire. “Significant investment combined with heating experience has been used to develop this innovative PRC to address important issues such as heat wastage, reducing carbon emissions and most importantly saving money.”

The terrier i-temp allows the time and temperature in each room to be fine tuned with no change to the master programmer. This energy saving advancement prevents heat wastage as the end user can focus heat within individual rooms when required. For example a typical user would normally heat the whole house in a number of time periods, but only use rooms at certain points of the day, the terrier i-temp can be set to reflect this ensuring no heat wastage in other rooms which results in inevitable energy saving.

This revolutionary new product is just a simple upgrade to an existing heating system; the PRC simply attaches to most brands of thermostatic radiator valves. It upgrades to the majority of existing TRV bodies, with adaptors provided within the pack. Products available include the terrier i-temp i30 PRC for vertical fitted valves and the i35 PRC for horizontal mounted valves. Both products are available with thermostatic valve bodies if required for a completely new installation.

Innovative products can sometimes be daunting for users however being “end user” friendly has been key for the development of the terrier i-temp that is why programming has been simplified in a walkthrough process, it also offers pre programmes for bedroom and sitting room or a customisation program. Either way the PRC can be installed or programmed within minutes. There are many additional features for example hidden temperature limit for future potential energy saving, window opening detection, set back and comfort settings and child lock features.

This PRC will provide huge benefits for all types of applications both domestic and commercial. It can play a significant role in reducing the carbon emission score for existing housing stock, social housing, care homes and multiple apartments with a central heat source. In addition, compared to other energy saving installation methods, terrier i-temp upgrades to existing valves quickly which will save time and money, its performance payback could be realised within just eight months.

“With heating identified as one of the highest domestic carbon emitters it was apparent that there was a real market niche to address this topical issue,” commented Sindar. “Considerable data collection has taken place with a full energy saving trial conducted, in conjunction with Longhurst Housing Trust. Two identical three bedroom terrace new build houses were used, one fitted with TRV’s and one with terrier i-temp. Results were compelling and demonstrated that terrier i-temp represents significant cost saving benefits on gas usage.”

The terrier i-temp is the first of its kind to be recognised as an Energy Saving Trust recommended product.

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