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Smart, sophisticated lighting controls for home or business


The updated “Studio” dimming system from Eaton offers advanced lighting control for both residential and commercial environments, combining the aesthetic and practical features of Eaton’s stylish COPA (Clip-on plate) range of wiring accessories with the proven technical qualities of its successful Studio 3 commercial lighting controls. The system offers compact and versatile single-channel and multi-channel lighting controls with options for pre-programmed ‘scene’ selection and remote infra-red control. A wide range of light sources can be controlled including linear and compact fluorescent, tungsten halogen and LED lighting.

The stylish new COPA control plates are equally at home in residential and commercial settings such as bars, restaurants, hotels, reception areas, conference facilities, showrooms and places of worship. They offer a choice of ten different interchangeable plate styles, with no visible fixings, and suite with the modern COPA range of wiring accessories which includes switches, socket-outlets and communications outlets.

The modular system comprises two elements – the dimmer packs, which are available in single- and four-channel variants for a wide variety of lighting loads, and the control plates including the new COPA variants. These elements are then interconnected by safety extra low voltage (SELV) bus wiring.

The simplest of the new COPA control plates provides manual dimming of a single lighting channel; it also includes a ‘panic’ button, to turn the lights fully ‘On’, and a fully ‘Off’ button. A second unit can control up to four lighting channels and can be pre-programmed to store and recall up to four lighting scenes created over four channels of lighting. As with all Studio 3 control plates it also incorporates fully ‘On’ and fully ‘Off functions. A third plate offers simple scene recall of any of the scenes created on the programmable plate in addition to the standard fully ‘On’ and ‘Off’ capability.

All three plates are available with or without a built-in infra-red sensor for use with a hand-held remote controller, which can provide manual adjustment and scene recall without the need to access the control plate.

Two types of dimmer pack are available – The first type is a universal unit suitable for mains-voltage GLS tungsten and tungsten halogen lamps, GU10 low voltage tungsten halogen lamps and dimmable electronic compact fluorescent lamps, available in one or four channel variants. The second is a ballast interface unit typically for control of fluorescent lighting loads such as linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, cold cathode or LED lighting, fed through suitable dimmable control gear. These units are also available with single or four channel output for driving 1-10V analogue or DSI control gear.

A typical domestic application for the programmable four-channel controller would be to provide different lighting scenes for reading, watching television, eating etc. as well as remote operation and adjustment. In a restaurant or bar it might be used to provide different lighting scenes for lunch-time, evenings, special functions, cleaning etc. as well as manual operation e.g. all ‘On’ panic or all ‘Off’ at the access points.

Eaton’s COPA system offers a choice of ten different plate finishes for each accessory. The clip-on plates have no visible screw fixings. The finishes include white, matt black, gold, silver, grey and blue metallic finishes, plus stainless steel, satin bronze, polished brass and a highly polished finish. The clip-on plates enable cover plates to be fitted separately from the basic accessory; this can help contractors’ cash flow and reduce the risk of theft or damage to the accessory during interior decoration work.

The established ‘Classic’ Studio 3 controllers for commercial applications are retained in the range. These have white moulded face plates and are all fully compatible with the new COPA plates.

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