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scaled up tankLeading water softener manufacturer Tapworks says water softeners are far more common in the UK than you might think. With so many homes across the UK built in hard water areas, whilst the majority simply put up with the hard water coming through their water mains, a significant minority currently have taken the sensible step of doing something about it and improving their lifestyle situation.

Despite attempts to share the message that our American cousins have known for decades – a message that has seen literally millions and millions of softeners purchased and installed across the States – in the UK we’re really only just waking up to the news that installing a water softener will result in lower energy usage and – take a deep breath…..lower energy bills.

At a time when energy bills continue to head in an upwards direction, any investment that pays for itself in around two years and continues to save you money for as long as you use it, would seem to be an investment worth looking at closely – and worth recommending to your customers if they live in hard water areas of the UK.

Limescale almost filling and blocking a section of pipeA major independent research study in the USA – the Battelle Report – which began six years ago in 2009, with further updates after that date, concluded that ‘water softeners are amongst the ‘very best’ household energy savers’. As a consequence of the study, the Water Quality Association – an independent body in the USA, is now promoting water softeners in the USA as ‘the best energy saving device you can buy’.

If your customers live in a hard water area – which is around 60% of the UK, especially in London and the south east, East Anglia and the Home Counties – they will already know about hard water. Scum in the kettle. Scaling up of showerheads, limescale marks in the sink and loo.

But if that’s what can be seen easily, imagine what damage is being done where you can’t see it, in heating systems, in washing machines and dishwashers, prime targets for hard water damage. Scale will also form around the heating coil and eventually fill a hot water cylinder. It’s estimated that the annual amount of hard water used Tapworks_Infinity smaller file_HRby an average family of four contains a whopping 70kg of scale. Untreated limescale simply means wasting energy, wasting money and having to replace appliances and heating systems.

Tapworks new high capacity water softener will fit comfortably in a standard kitchen cabinet. The Infinity offers all the benefits associated with the leading Tapworks range of softeners and meets the needs of families where space is at a premium in their kitchens.

Chris Eaton heads up the water softener company here in the UK: “We’ve seen excellent take up of our leading AD11 unit and the smaller Ultra 9 unit, but we’ve been asked by installers to consider bringing a new, higher capacity unit – that will still fit in a kitchen cupboard – to the market and we’re happy to respond with the new Infinity model which is available from merchants now. It’s perfectly suited to busy, growing families and with its higher capacity offers a more efficient unit too. There’s now a Tapworks unit for every sized home in the UK including a one inch valve unit for larger homes needing higher flow rates.”

Contrary to what you might think, over the last few years when the economy has been difficult, sales of water softeners in the UK have remained remarkably buoyant. People have clearly recognised the issues relating to hard water in their homes and decided that softened water improves their lifestyle, but importantly also cuts their costs – their heating bills in particular and the costs of cleaning and washing, because softened water allows soaps, shampoos and A tapworks softener comes with everything you need to install it.detergents to work harder, so you need so much less of them. This new model will open the door to many more people looking to replace elderly water softeners or those looking to install a new softener in their home for the first time.

Just a 1.6mm build-up of scale on the inside of heating system surfaces can cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency in pipes, in radiators and on heat exchanger surfaces in boilers. Scale will also form around the heating coil and eventually fill a hot water cylinder.. The most welcome benefit for householders in the current economic climate, is that having softened water in the home can reduce heating bills significantly – 15% reductions in energy bills are commonplace, often more – and importantly, having a water softener installed will reduce maintenance costs on those appliances.

Full details of the Tapworks range can be found on the company’s excellent website at www.tapworks.co.uk or you can call for information on 01494 480 621.

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