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Sovran – a classic in the making


With refurbishment rather than relocation high on many a homeowner’s agenda, Sovran, from Aeon, is a key contender for updating the central heating system.

A timeless, flat-fronted design in brushed stainless steel, Sovran is a vast improvement on regular white panel radiators, yet its understated looks are undemanding in a room scheme.

Sovran has more to offer than designer appeal, too. Behind the elegant, flat faÇade is a cleverly designed powerhouse enabling this smooth operator to heat the room by convection as well as radiation.

There are Sovran models available for horizontal or vertical installation in a large range of sizes suitable for any room in the house. Two depths ensure that even small wall areas or narrow hallways can be accommodated in style. Heat outputs start at 559 watts, rising to 3205 watts for the largest model, and all are suitable for hot water central heating systems.

All radiators in the Aeon Collection are made from the highest-grade solid stainless steel. Designs in the hand-finished range carry a 20-year guarantee. Prices for Sovran start from £342 plus VAT and the model can be delivered to addresses in the UK within four to six weeks.

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