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Stain killing version of combined primer and finish launched


A new solvent-based version of Zinsser’s top selling Allcoat fast-drying Multi Surface Primer /Finish has been introduced.

Zinsser Allcoat Solvent Base Stain Killer, like its existing stable mate, is ideal for multi-surface use, and features a high-hiding formula that blocks dark or inconsistent colours.

Allcoat Solvent Base blocks most stains, including water, nicotine and fire damage.

Allcoat Solvent Base dries to a washable, non-yellowing, dead flat finish, and it is self-sealing on porous surfaces.

One coat of Allcoat Solvent Base is all that is needed to cover and seal most surfaces, including wood, concrete, plasterboard, Plasticol, galvanized metal, and glossy surfaces such as enamel paints, clear finishes and ceramic tiles. It offers zero tension and is ideal for high ph substrates such as limewash and render. It will neutralise substrates up to 12.5ph.

No sanding or surface deglossing is required before application.

Allcoat Solvent Base is virtually odourless, and is ideal for large commercial applications, as well as historic restorations, and can be used on both walls and ceilings. It flows smoothly and levels evenly, and dries to touch in minutes. It can be recoated in just two hours.

Allcoat Solvent Base – which can be sprayed, roller or brush applied, and can be tinted to pastel and mid-tone colours – is available in 3.75 and 10 litre cans.

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