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Stelrad – Europe's favourite radiator!



– quality radiators provide the finishing touch at Rise Hall!

When Sarah Beeny’s now famous refurbishment of Rise Hall in deepest Yorkshire featured on the Channel 4 series ‘Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare’ was endangered by a failure to show of radiators – ordered by the UK’s favourite property renovation expert – leading European radiator manufacturer Stelrad, played the white knight to her restoration project’s crumbling dragon!

The 40,000 square feet, 200 year old, 30 bedroom, 20 bathroom, Grade 2* listed building requires not inconsiderable heating! As part of the restoration project, Sarah was expecting a lorry load of radiators to arrive on time, to allow the filming of the project to proceed as agreed. When the lorry didn’t arrive, the shooting schedule, not to mention the heating system, seemed to be in total disarray.

A phone call to Chris Humphreys and Lorraine Hawes at Stelrad was followed by a rapid response from Stelrad, who provided, from stock, a sensational mix of their classy Planar and Classic Column radiators in ten different sizes to meet the very specific needs of Rise Hall and Ms Beeny!

“When we first got the call we thought it was a wind up,” says Stelrad’s marketing co-ordinator, Lorraine Hawes, “but when we calmed down and realised this was a genuine plea for help, we took a closer look at Sarah’s requirements and managed to meet the very specific size requests she had, pretty much from stock. The ones we didn’t have in stock we delivered three days later! One of the benefits of making more than 2 million radiators a year and having a sizeable stock from which building merchants can usually draw rapidly, is the ability to meet these ‘one off’ demands at very short notice compared to most suppliers. We sorted the driver out and had the radiators taken the relatively short distance from our base in Yorkshire across to Rise Hall, just down the M18.”

“Having been let down at the last minute by the original supplier, we felt a bit cheeky going to another supplier and begging them to help us at such short notice,” says Sarah. “But Chris and Lorraine were so kind and helpful – and they did exactly what they said they would do – and saved the shoot that was going to show the radiators being installed! And the quality of the radiators we were provided is excellent and the radiator designs match the surroundings at Rise Hall perfectly – it was a real success story for us – plucked from the depths of despair and elevated to the height of relief in less than a day.”

The Planar design radiator has a flat, smooth surface with elegant, integrated top grilles and side panels that have made it a favourite with architects up and down the UK. It’s a slim profile, silky smooth surfaced radiator that simply oozes quality.

The Classic Column radiator range has an instantly traditional appearance but actually sits as comfortably in modern building designs as it does in period refurbishments. Available in low level and vertical options – a total of seven different heights from 300mm to 2500mm – more than 50 models in all and available as both horizontal or vertical models for maximum room design flexibility, it’s a massively popular option and absolutely ideal for Rise Hall.

A final word to Lorraine: “Despite the rapid turnaround and the whole project being a slightly hairy one, it was great fun to work with Sarah and to get a real feel for how she works on her renovation projects and with the TV production teams, to make sure everything happens as and when it should. Rise Hall is a wonderful project and a lovely home as well as business premises – it was a privilege to be involved.”

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