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Stelrad Radiators is celebrating definitive confirmation that it does indeed produce installers’ favourite radiators here in the UK. The result of research carried out earlier this year by a leading sector publication with a random sample of nearly 150 installers came up with some very positive results that seem to suggest that pretty much every installer has installed Stelrad radiators at some stage in their careers – and most of them found it a pleasurable experience! So pleasurable indeed, that they have continued to do so ever since.

The results of the survey were very revealing and supported Stelrad’s four key values in its business. Asked what the most important influencers were on their choice of radiator brand to install in the private replacement market, 42% said that availability from merchant stock was the most important factor, followed by 37% who said that access to a wide range of sizes was important. Only 22% said that price was the key deciding factor and 20% said product design was key. Perhaps most worryingly for the Government, only 11% said that environmental benefits came into play when deciding on the radiators they wanted to install.

Asked if they offered their customers a choice of radiator designs, a perhaps surprising 76% said they did, whilst 24% admitted they didn’t and installed what they thought would be best for that customer.

93% of installers consider the age and condition of the radiators when replacing a boiler and if appropriate recommend replacing them according to the survey.

Asked to list the brand of radiator products they trusted most, 78% mentioned Stelrad, and invited to name five brands, 17% actually mentioned only Stelrad by name. Nearly 90% mentioned Stelrad or an Ideal Stelrad Group brand of radiators in their answers.

“These results are very satisfying,” said Stelrad’s Marketing Director Anna Burns. “We know we’re the UK’s number one which suggests we’re getting something right, but direct responses like this from a decent sized, statistically valid sample, do help us to recognise what is important to our customers and gives us a ‘checkpoint’ to ensure we’re actually responding to what installers out there want, rather than what we think they might want. It’s very pleasing to see that availability and range are the two most important influencers on selection in the merchants. We have instigated a new strategy that sees us with four core values at Stelrad – reliability, availability, range and value for money – and between them they account for the majority of reasons why installers choose a given brand of radiators.

“In addition, the recent launch of ‘The Radiator Book’ – our comprehensive new catalogue of all our products, but with a huge amount of technical information as well, will, we hope, help those installers to have an even better insight into what we offer and the options available to them and their customers, and see us converting even more installers to think ‘Stelrad’ when they walk into their merchant.”

Full details of the exciting Stelrad Radiator range can be found on their website at www.stelrad.com where you can download a pdf of “The Radiator Book”, or of course by calling on 0870 849 8058. You can also request your own printed copy of ‘The Radiator Book’ from the website, from their stands at upcoming heating and plumbing shows or by calling Stelrad.

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