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Stelrad Launches Compact 900mm High Radiators


As part of its programme of providing radiators to operate well with renewable heating systems – powered by air source and ground source heat pumps – Stelrad has announced that it will be launching a range of 900mm high radiators in a variety of widths in quarter 2 2023.

Head of Marketing Chris Harvey said: “There is a clear need for larger size radiators to cope with the lower circulating system temperatures generated by renewable heating systems and we are making sure our installer and specifier customers have access to the full range of options they will need in the months ahead.

“The transition from fossil fuelled, boiler driven systems to heat pump driven renewable systems is well underway and we’re making sure that installers and specifiers realise fully that radiators are ‘fit for the future’ and more than capable of providing the necessary heat around the home – radiators need to be sized properly as always to provide sufficient heating capacity and insulation needs to be evaluated to ensure its adequate to ensure the heat in the home does not escape to atmosphere.”

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