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Leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad Radiators has launched a new radiator series of existing and new radiators under its ‘Boutique’ branding, offering a comprehensive, premium range of living space, kitchen and bathroom products.

The new series is accompanied by an impressive new 116-page brochure and its own stylish section of the new web site. This series offers the marketplace the widest range of styles and by far the largest selection of sizes of specialist decorative and designer bathroom and kitchen radiators on offer from any manufacturer in the UK.

You’ll find familiar and welcome products in the new Series – with names such as Caliente, Concord and Column – but equally you’ll find new styles and names such as Como and Lecco – products exclusive to Stelrad, along with Silhouette as well as new additions and designs for established styles like the Concord Side Concept and Concord Side Chrome – and even Concord Chrome Vertical. The UK’s no.1 brand in the radiator market is adding style and appeal to the kitchen and bathroom and adding colours and chrome finishes to add to the sparkle.

The addition of a wider range of vertical radiators recognises the demand for narrower, taller radiators that need to fit a smaller radiator footprint. Small on space, but bigger on style is the name of the game and every radiator in the series offers a quality heating appliance – not just a good looking, aesthetically pleasing design for any room. These radiators provide quality heating for the space in which they sit – not just a towel warming facility – but a space heater to provide comfort for the kitchen or bathroom where they’re installed.

The addition of coloured radiators available from stock adds even more depth to the range – with a number of the existing and new radiators available in anthracite grey from stock – offering something a little bit different available immediately from the company’s National Distribution Centre.

Most of the Boutique Series can be ordered in up to 36 colours if you can wait a while for delivery – but there’s a wide range of options now stocked in anthracite grey from stock, which can blend so well with other décor and add that additional style to many bathrooms and kitchens.

Interestingly, the monochrome bathroom and kitchen are very much back in style and can look elegant and contemporary. The addition of an attractive metallic radiator to traditional black and white can really add that luxurious look.

The selection of options is vast but just to pick out three that will set the pulses racing – take a closer look at the new Como – a flat brushed stainless-steel rectangular tube design for both modern and contemporary homes. The new Column Vertical Concept – stunning in anthracite grey – again a combination of traditional design and modern colouring. And the new Traditional Column – a classic look especially in a bathroom – in traffic white with a chrome frame – offering just a little more style and lot more pizazz for the home… it’s a selection that demands careful consideration.

“We’re the largest manufacturer of radiators in the UK and Ireland by far,” says Head of Marketing Chris Harvey, “but the premium and top end sector is one where we want to focus and this is what the Stelrad Boutique Series does – a new stylish option for the trade and to retail outlets across the UK and Ireland. We are offering a comprehensive, stylish collection that genuinely provides the total radiator offering under one roof – with our legendary combination of quality, reliability, availability and cost effectiveness all wrapped up in a single collection  of radiators.“

To find out more about the new Boutique Series, head for the new Stelrad website at www.stelrad.com or at www.stelrad.ie in Ireland. You can call for brochures and information on 0844 543 6200 or email marketing@stelrad.com. Alternatively, you can also see regular updates from Stelrad on Twitter @Stelrad and Facebook @StelradRadiators.

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