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Stelrad Radiators has the answer if you’re looking for a modern alternative to traditional radiators that can give even the smallest room something of a ‘wow factor’.

There’s a tendency to think that all radiators have to be long and horizontal – that’s what we’ve all got used to over the decades, but there really isn’t a problem with thinking laterally…… and going vertical.

Stelrad Radiators has introduced a range of environmentally friendly, extremely efficient vertical radiators that not only look good and give you that essential added flexibility, but operate brilliantly with the new renewable heat systems such as heat pumps and solar thermal systems, due to their increased surface area, which all contributes to keeping your rooms cosy and warm even with lower system operating temperatures.

Stelrad has introduced new vertical versions of their very popular Vertex, Planar, compact with Style and Classic Column radiators – offering vertical options for every type of homefrom renovated older properties to the most modern of new building designs. These elegant and exciting vertical radiators complement existing Stelrad horizontal radiator ranges perfectly – enabling you to select the right options for each room, whilst ensuring matching compatibility throughout the home. The Vertex for example, complements both the Stelrad Compact and Stelrad Elite ranges, whilst the Concord Vertical and Concord Slimline radiators match the horizontal Concord range, and so on.

“The vertical option is excellent news for designers, architects, installers and of course homeowners – looking for convenient and stylish warmth throughout a home,” says Chris Humphreys, Stelrad Radiators marketing director. “They offer the opportunity to bring some creativity to a home – however much space there may be from room to room – and whilst they are perfect for traditional boiler-driven heating systems they’re simply ideal in conjunction with renewable energy technology too.”

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