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Europe’s leading radiator manufacturer – Stelrad – is at EcoBuild 2013. You’ll find Stelrad on stand number N2720.

Stelrad offers the most comprehensive range of radiator designs – including the company’s new, Radical serial feed radiator that offers a genuine 10.5% energy saving over standard parallel feed radiator models, its stunningly good looking panel radiators and its designer radiator range, but inevitably, much of the interest of visitors to EcoBuild 2013 will be drawn towards the new Radical radiators that have taken off in popularity in recent months.

Radical features highly on the stand, has caught the imagination and has been specified to complement energy efficient heating systems across the country – both in domestic and commercial installations. In particular it has been selected to operate alongside renewable installations, proving that radiators can and should be the obvious bedfellows of solar thermal, ground and air source heat pumps and other compatible renewable heating systems – rather than there being an understanding as some would have you believe that UFH was the obvious response to renewables. Radiators continue to take the vast majority of heat emitting opportunities in both new build and in refurbishment projects in the UK.

Radiators will remain the ‘heat emitter of choice’ for the foreseeable future for most people and the advances made by Stelrad in the development of radiators that can complement renewable systems so effectively makes this virtually a ‘cert’.

The benefits of radiators being installed on renewable systems are many. Firstly, once installed, assuming the heating system has been properly installed – including being flushed and inhibited as required by Part L of Building Regulations – no maintenance is required. And secondly of course being on the wall, the heat they emit is not affected by coverings of any type, compared to underfloor heating where the heat emitted can vary widely depending on the floorcoverings utilised. In addition, many installers feel uncomfortable with using underfloor heating on upper floors.

On the Stelrad stand at Ecobuild, its popular vertical range of radiators will be appeal again – aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical, offering larger heat emitting surfaces that perfectly match the requirements of renewable heating systems that operate at a lower temperature than traditional ‘boiler driven’ heating systems. And of course, vertical radiators free up valuable horizontal space when considering furnishing and decoration.

Importantly Stelrad vertical radiators have been designed to be used vertically, offering highly effective heat dispersion from the specially designed free flowing waterways, which leave absolutely no cold spots on the radiators.The Stelrad vertical radiator options offer a variety of design solutions, from standard panel radiators, to flat fronted Planar and Compact with Style models.

Stelrad’s impressive range of low surface temperature (LST) radiators – designed for applications where young, elderly or vulnerable people will be in close proximity, or for public buildings where safety is paramount – have caught the imagination and these will be on display at EcoBuild. Sales of the range have built steadily and the arrival of the vertical LST range has boosted interest still further. Pop along to the stand to take a closer look.

Full details of the exciting Stelrad Radiator range can be seen on its stand at EcoBuild – on stand N2720 – or found on their web site at www.stelrad.com where you can download pdfs of a wide range of brochures, or of course by calling on 0870 849 8056.

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