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Stone Carpet Great for Interiors!


Addatex Stone Carpet is an unusual and attractive internal flooring finish from Addagrip which is also hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Made from a mix of natural or synthetic aggregates and bound in a clear epoxy resin, Stone Carpet provides a smooth, decorative floor finish suitable for a diverse range of applications from offices, reception areas, shops and museums to kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and wetrooms.

The Addatex Stone Carpet surface offers many advantages over traditional surfaces. The open structure of the surface contains countless pores filled with air, creating the effect of a pleasantly warm and soft sensation, similar to a carpet. The resistance to wear however will be similar to ceramic tiles. This structure also makes the surface easy to clean. Its open matrix allows dust to fall into the open pores, preventing the dust from flying up when trafficked, and can be cleaned by simply using a vacuum cleaner, and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for spillages.

With a surface depth from 6mm, Addatex is a trowelled applied surface. Stone Carpet offers much scope for design with a choice of more than 500 different colours available, offering almost an unlimited number of colour combinations and designs. Company logos can also be recreated with this surfacing.

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