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Swish Building Products has launched a new low carbon rainwater system made from 84% recycled material, that brings tons of post consumer PVC back into use.

These rainwater profiles are unique in the UK because the recycled material contains post consumer waste from old PVC window and gutter systems that have been removed from buildings when refurbished or demolished.

Greg Wilde, of Swish Building Products said: “Swish rainwater systems are ideal for designers who want to specify quality products that have a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Manufacturing a product that effectively marries a recycled core with a virgin skin saves 70% of the CO2 that would be produced by manufacturing with virgin material.”

These gutters and pipes have a two-tone appearance featuring a grey core and coextruded outer skin of virgin material to enhance the external appearance and aid colour matching. This technology gives it exactly the same weather resistance and longevity as products manufactured from virgin material.

The new gutter range comes in Round, Square and Ogee designs and each style is available in White, Black and Brown.

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