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THE BUSINESS OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY…. MAKES SENSE – at least £5,000 a year of sense according to Sentinel


Sentinel, the UK’s leading water treatment specialist, has highlighted that energy efficiency – and complying with Building Regulations – not only makes sense from a green perspective – reducing emissions of CO2 and reducing energy bills – it actually makes good business sense for installers from an income point of view. In fact, adopting an energy efficient approach to being an installer, is a business in itself.

Sentinel is committed to reducing the environmental impact of domestic heating systems and has commissioned independent research, carried out by GASTEC-CRE, that has shown that a poorly maintained system may experience a 2-3% reduction in boiler efficiency and up to a 15% reduction in overall system effectiveness. For the householder that isn’t funny.

Sentinel’s Sales Director for UK and Ireland John Lynch says that for many installers, using Sentinel products to clean and inhibit the heating systems they install or service can – on average – add around £100 to their income each week. That’s an additional £5,000 a year and that’s not to be sniffed at: “It’s a significant amount. It’s simple to use and it’s not a cost that will cause problems when billing a customer,” he says. “Increased awareness of the need to be energy efficient – to reduce emissions of CO2 and to address the problems associated with global warming – has made many consumers keenly aware that they can have a direct and positive impact on helping to reduce energy usage in their homes. The lower fuel bills are often the key driver, but if an installer raises the issue and gets the customer onside, the cost of chemical water treatment products is not going to be a problem for householders.”

Sentinel has launched its new Energy Efficiency Campaign with a view to hammering home the facts about water treatment in domestic heating systems, adding further credence to the benefits of doing the job properly: “We know that there are still a significant minority of people claiming to be installers out there who are cutting corners and leaving their customers with incomplete installations, and systems that will very rapidly lose the efficiency levels that new high efficiency boilers can provide,” says John Lynch. “They do the quality installers no favours at all. Cleaning a system properly, either utilising a manual flushing with Sentinel X400 or for heavily scaled and clogged systems, a jetflushing, using our heavy duty, one visit X800 cleanser, followed by proper inhibiting of the system using X100, to keep it the way, it will ensure that the boiler and the system operate at optimum efficiency levels and provide welcome reduced energy bills for the householder and a system that performs as it should, responsible for significantly less CO2 emissions than a dirty, untreated system. It’s a very simple way forward and as we’ve proved already, it can add a healthy chunk of profit to an installer who uses Sentinel products, even just 3 times a week.”

Installers simply have to go to the Sentinel web site, click on the ‘energy efficiency’ tag and sign up for a range of freebies and information. Just by signing up you will receive 10 free Sentinel Quick Test kits, a number of customer leaflets explaining the benefits of water treatment – ideal for popping in with quotes, a £10 discount voucher for the Sentinel Water Treatment Training Pack and that’s not all! You’ll receive regular energy efficiency updates from Sentinel and automatically be entered into a free prize draw for Premiership Football match tickets.

The recently launched takeaway pack for installers – the Building Regulations Compliance Pack – that includes everything an installer needs to comply with the Building Regulations in England, Wales and Scotland – X800 cleaner, X100 inhibitor and a CombiGuard unit, required by Building Regulations to address the problems of limescale in a domestic hot water system in areas of the country where hardness of the water exceeds 200ppm – will help installers to make increased profits too. The installation of a CombiGuard unit with its twelve month polyphosphate cartridge, allows installers to return every twelve months to replace the cartridge and check the status of the inhibitor in the system, helping to build the customer relationship as an on-going one from year to year.

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