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The Future of Procurement


The traditional frustrations and time delays associated with procurement, on-site deliveries and subsequent invoicing, are now a thing of the past. Vixensoft have developed a unique solution for building services contractors designed to modernise purchasing and speed client invoicing.

ViXEN Remote Requisitions introduces the use of mobile data communication into the purchase order process, enabling your engineers to access materials databases on-site via a PDA, laptop or remote PC. Using this facility, your engineers can then send a purchase order requisition electronically to the office, be kept automatically updated on-site of their requisition progress and instantly notify office staff of materials delivery. The system is entirely flexible and can be configured to meet specific work flow procedures.

Breaking the use of ViXEN Remote Requisitions into stages, below is an illustration of how this revolutionary solution may typically be used to benefit your procurement process and, in turn, your business:

Stage 1
A subset materials database is created from your central Price File Database for remote access by your engineers on-site.

Stage 2
A purchase order requisition is raised by an engineer on-site using the subset database on his PDA. The requisition is then sent via GPRS link from the PDA (or via the Internet from the remote PC) to the back-office system Requisitions Module.

Stage 3
The requisition is checked, amended and/or authorised before being posted to the Purchase Order module. The purchase order is then raised and sent to the supplier, the system automatically updating the Purchase Order Ledger and Job Costing modules with committed costs. The engineer is automatically updated on his PDA with the purchase order details and progress.

Stage 4
On receipt of the ordered materials on-site, the engineer sends an electronic delivery note from his PDA which automatically updates the office system. Without having to wait for a hard copy of the delivery note or the supplier invoice, delivered materials can be checked against the purchase order and actual costs posted to speed client invoicing.

ViXEN Remote Requisitions is part of a fully integrated system of Estimating, Purchase Order, Job Costing & Purchase Ledger modules, allowing for automatic system updating. The solution benefits include:

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